Meet our children. They are our HEROES. They amaze us every day with their strength and have gone through more than most of us will in our lifetime. They need our help to fight for a cure!

In Loving Memory pages are tribute pages that you make to honor the life of your deceased loved one. Knowing that a person is being recognized and honored in a significant way can be a source of comfort for family and friends during a difficult time.

Often, families have asked for donations to be given to Dravet Syndrome Foundation in lieu of flowers. In Loving Memory pages may also be used in this manner. A page in memory of your loved one can tell the story of their life, while providing the opportunity for family and friends to make donations in that person’s memory. This is a wonderful way to give an everlasting gift while telling your loved one’s story.

If you are interested in setting up a tribute page to remember a loved one, please contact Mary Anne


Whether you are a doctor, parent, grandparent or friend, we can use your help.