COVID-19 and Dravet syndrome

Information for Professionals

At this time there is no known cure or treatment for the COVID-19.  Children are reported to tolerate the illness well, but data are lacking about the impact in children with underlying illness. We remind the community that the best approach we have right now is to continue to protect against getting COVID19: social distancing, frequent hand washing, masking while in public, avoiding any unnecessary contacts and separating from ill contacts in your home. Additionally, patient families should continue to work with their loved one’s neurologist to manage seizures as best as possible to avoid any unnecessary trips to the hospital. DSF shared community questions and answers on COVID-19 in a recent blog post that may be useful for the patient community.

We have compiled important resources below regarding COVID-19 for our professional community that treats patients with Dravet syndrome. If you have a resource you think should be added, please email us.