Introducing unspoken symphony

A new way to make music inspired by a child living with a rare and severe form of epilepsy

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Greenwich Biosciences to bring you unspoken symphony, an innovation that turns artwork into melodies—and it was all inspired by a child named Riley. Riley has two rare and severe forms of epilepsy and severe cognitive impairment. She’s never been able to speak. During an interview, Riley’s dad said, “It’s not easy getting to know someone who can’t talk. You slow down. It makes you appreciate the little things.” His words inspired the idea for unspoken symphony. Many families turn to art and music as a form of self-expression. Whether through music therapy or as a way to create something together as a family, music and art are universal languages that speak to us all. unspoken symphony offers a unique way to bridge the two, creating a symphony of sound that gives voice to all those who struggle to express themselves. It’s a gift for Riley, and for all of us.

You can upload any kind of artwork and instantly hear it come alive as music. It’s a chance to connect like never before, and show the world what our community can do, because everyone should have a chance to make music and be heard! We can’t wait to see (and hear) your artwork on the site.

Visit unspoken symphony to upload a piece of artwork, any type of drawing, painting, finger painting, or even computer-generated art will work, and you’ll hear it come alive as music within seconds. As the music plays, you’ll even see the notes animate over the artwork to see the technology in action, and you’ll get a frame-worthy piece of sheet music you can keep! Share it at music therapy and send to all your friends and family.

We also love that the gallery features artists of all ages from our communities. Simply submit your artwork-turned-melody to the gallery, and you’ll get a chance to be featured on the site! Here are some quotes from parents of children living with rare forms of epilepsy who tried it:

“You work so hard to connect with your special kid… you’re creating a sound of your child that never would have existed… what an amazing gift for a parent.” — Tim

“I love it… for parents to be able to help others understand the bond with their child is really important to do.” — Tara

“I was moved to tears by unspoken symphony.” — Lauren

Music and art are such an important way to connect with our loved ones, and we are so excited to spread the word about this incredible idea inspired by a little girl who can’t speak. Visit unspoken symphony to hear the story, see how it works, and make music!

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