Fatal cerebral edema with status epilepticus in children with Dravet syndrome: Report of 5 cases

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(Myers K et al. 2017) Mortality in Dravet syndrome is recognized at 15-20% by adulthood. Approximately half of those deaths are due to SUDEP, while about 1/4 are due to status epilepticus (SE). This study looked closely at that second group, those who died from SE, examining the characteristics of 5 patients from Australia who [...]

Clinical and neuroimaging features of acute encephalopathy after status epilepticus in Dravet syndrome

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(Tian XJ et al. 2017).  Acute encephalopathy (AE) is a term used to describe brain disease, damage, or malfunction that occurs with an abrupt onset and is progressive in nature. In Dravet syndrome, acute encephalopathy can be the result of a prolonged seizure. This study, which was published in Chinese and is therefore reviewed by [...]