Time of Day and a ketogenic diet Influence Susceptibility to SUDEP in Scn1aR1407X/+ Mice

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This article brought forth some interesting observations.  First, a major caveat - this study was done in mice.  Mice with a relevant mutation in the Scn1a gene have proven to be a useful model of Dravet, but one must never directly extrapolate any results to humans.  Dividing the day into three 8-hour periods, it [...]

GAPDH-mediated posttranscriptional regulations of sodium channel SCN1A and SCN3a genes under seizure and ketogenic diet conditions

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(Lin, et. al. 2016). As the SCN1A gene is read in the nucleus of the cell, a transcript is created that travels outside of the nucleus and is eventually translated into the protein that becomes the sodium ion channel. Several factors can affect how quickly or efficiently the transcript is read. The authors found that [...]

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