Thank You Wendy!

Please join us in thanking Wendy Fry for her role as Director of Family and Caregiver Engagement for DSF. Wendy recently made the very difficult decision to step down from her role to focus on her family.

Wendy is a former elementary school teacher living just north of Philadelphia, PA with her husband Greg and 2 children, Penny and Leo. After her family was impacted by Dravet, Wendy became involved with the epilepsy community as a fundraiser and advocate. Since 2015 she’s raised over $100,000 for organizations like the Dravet Syndrome Foundation.

In the volunteer role of Parent Ambassador, Wendy helped to plan and execute the first annual Day of Dravet events for the Northeast Region in 2017 and to lay the groundwork for the Dravet Family Network. This volunteer role then expanded into a new staff role. In 2018, Wendy joined DSF as the Family and Caregiver Engagement (FACE) Director, where she was responsible for the comprehensive strategy and implementation of all family and community engagement initiatives within DSF.

Wendy developed strong relationships with family and caregivers within the Dravet community in her 5 years as the FACE Director. Her duties included managing the Family Ambassador program, developing strategies for parent advocacy initiatives, planning and executing Day of Dravet workshops, and administering and moderating DSF’s support groups. She also attended countless fundraising events and was a strong force in developing DSF’s social media outreach.

Wendy wanted to share this statement with our community:

This decision has been incredibly difficult, as I have dedicated so much of myself to our families and DSF over the last 5 years and this has become a huge part of my identity. Spending time with all of you at fundraisers and Day of Dravet and getting to know your amazing Dravet warriors has given me purpose and hope. You have made my life so much better and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to serve you.

To my amazingly talented and dedicated ambassadors, our board, and our staff, and our countless volunteers, I am so thankful for all that you continue to dedicate to DSF. I know that our future is in good hands and I look forward to supporting everything that you do, and hopefully rejoining the fight in a bigger way when I have the capacity to do so.

For now, I’ll be here with my questions about pattern seizures and Depakote, offering support when I can, and helping to raise funds as much as I can. I am so thankful for DSF and all that they continue to do for our families.

Thank you Wendy for your ongoing dedication to the Dravet syndrome community.