De Liso, P., et. al. (Sept 2016). Patients with Dravet syndrome in the era of stiripentol: A French cohort cross-sectional study.

Because stiripentol is approved for use in Europe, it is has been prescribed more regularly there than in the US (particularly in France) since the 1990s. Looking at the medical records of 54 patients aged 2.5-22 years, they found STP was prescribed in 96% of patients with Dravet Syndrome at an average age of 20 months, most often in conjunction with valproic acid and clobazam. Although most patients remained on this triple therapy after 10 years, 96% continued to have convulsive seizures, with 62% experiencing less than one seizure per week. Interestingly, the authors compared their STP-treated patients, none of whom exhibited daily seizures, to a previous study (Takayama, et. al., 2014), which found that 15% of non-STP treated patients exhibited daily seizures. They also found that high-frequency seizures were correlated with a later initiation of treatment, though this did not seem to affect long term intellectual disability.

Epilepsy Research, 125:42-6. Retrieved from: