January 10, 2019


Dravet Syndrome Foundation (DSF) is interested in promoting collaborations among investigators to stimulate progress toward disease-modifying treatment in Dravet syndrome (DS) that targets the root cause: haploinsufficiency of the sodium channel, NaV1.1.

DSF believes meaningful progress will require expertise in epilepsy, in current, validated animal models of Dravet syndrome, as well as in broader disease-modifying approaches including gene therapy. To this end, through a special spring grant period, DSF invites collaborative applications for up to $200,000 proposing gene therapy, upregulation, or other disease-modifying approaches which are likely to lead to the highly effective treatment of Dravet syndrome and its comorbidities. 

Emphasis should be placed on cross-disciplinary collaborations, novel hypotheses, and unique approaches in applying fundamental neurobiological concepts to Dravet syndrome and, specifically, SCN1A research. This initiative requires collaborations of two or more investigators at different institutions, or in different laboratories within the same institution, with expertise in different aspects of the proposed project. Investigators already working together at the same department are not eligible. Project timelines may be up to 2 years. Please read through the full funding announcement by clicking this button: 

Full Funding Announcement (PDF)

Questions and requests for collaboration suggestions are welcome.
Please email Nicole.

Application Instructions

Applications which do not include the following materials and meet the specified page limitations will be returned unprocessed, or will be deferred until a subsequent granting cycle:

  1. Face Page – found here
  2. Scientific Abstract and Lay abstract – 1 page or less
  3. Role of Collaborators – 2 pages or less
  4. Budget Page*
  5. Budget Justification Page
  6. Hypothesis and Specific Aims – 1 page
  7. Research Design – 4 pages, including background, preliminary data (if any), experimental plan and methods
  8. Citations – no limit
  9. CV/Biosketch – found here 

*If the total budget for your project exceeds the amount you are requesting from DSF, your budget page must include a breakdown of how all funds, including those from other sources, will be used. Indirect costs are not permitted.