Are you looking for a way that you can turn your love for fitness into a fundraising activity and see the real impact of your actions for DSF?

Your next marathon, distance biking, 5K, or other athletic event could be the start of something wonderful. By signing up for DSF’s Race for Research program, you can help spread awareness while raising funds to support those affected by Dravet syndrome. If you raise $300 or more, you will receive a DSF race shirt to wear at your event. 

Almost no one is comfortable asking for donations. But remember why you want to raise money for DSF and why this cause matters to you. Begin by asking those closest to you, because if DSF is close to your heart, it is also likely to be close to theirs and they are more likely to respond well to your request for donations. I have personally found over the years that our friends and family members want to help Elliot and donating to our fundraising efforts gives them an opportunity to make a difference. DSF can set up a personal fundraising page for you, and social media tools make it even easier to extend your fundraising reach. 

Why should you walk, run, or roll for DSF?

  • It provides you with purpose and motivation. Beyond the sense of achievement that you will get from finishing, participating on behalf of DSF and your loved one with Dravet will give you further motivation for completing the event.  
  • You are helping to raise awareness. Not just the day of the event, but throughout your training and through your fundraising efforts you will be raising awareness of Dravet syndrome and the work that DSF does.  
  • Anyone can participate. You choose the event that is best for you. Whether it’s your first 5K or your fifth Ironman, you set your own personal challenge and your goals. 
  • It is good for your health. Not only is it a rewarding experience, but it keeps you motivated to stay fit and become stronger.
  • It can be a team effort. Take this opportunity to get together a group of friends or family members and motivate each other. You can set up a group fundraising page and have individuals donate to your team. Participating as a team will make it more fun, and increase your chances of sticking to your training plan.
  • It is a memorable experience. Has completing a certain marathon been on your bucket list? Here is a chance to check it off your list while also doing something meaningful for the Dravet community.
  • You can make a difference. While completing your event will be a personal milestone, doing it for DSF will make you feel so much better about what you have accomplished.

Join us and make every step count by fundraising for DSF! Learn more on how you can Race for Research or email Misty with any questions.  

p.s. Recently, one of our racers, Jeff Aaron, was featured in Chicago Athlete magazine. He is a Chicago Police Department Sergeant and just completed his fourth Ironman in Wisconsin in honor of his son Jackson who has Dravet syndrome. Learn more about how Jackson inspires and motivates him and how participating in athletic events provides a positive outlet for Jeff.