Free Webinar: PAME – Grief and Death in Epilepsy: Learning From Loss

Grief and Death in Epilepsy: Learning From Loss
Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 2 pm Central Time

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Mortality in epilepsy is impacted by factors that are not often present in other disease states, including the suddenness of death, and the common scenario where the risk of death was never discussed. This free webinar will explore grief among those who have lost a loved one to epilepsy, with a focus on the arc of grief over time, the impact of whether disclosure took place prior to death and what “interventions” were most helpful in the time following death of a loved one.

Speakers and panelists include:

  • Jeffrey Buchhalter MD, PhD, PAME Executive Committee
  • Tom Stanton, Executive Director of Danny Did
  • Sarah Friebert, MD, Director, Pediatric Palliative Care; Akron Children’s Hospital
  • Rajesh Ramachandran Nair, MD, FRCPC, Medical Director, Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Program, McMaster Children’s Hospital & McMaster University
  • Sally Schaeffer, parent
  • Edana Perry, parent
  • Michael Schafer, parent and Co-founder of HOPE4SUDEP (website and fund-raising foundation in honor of Cameron Benninghoven); Lay Member Research Grant Committee for CURE

The webinar will include an overview of grief, a report on a recent survey, and a panel discussion of parents who lost a child to an epilepsy-related cause. Families, advocates, and professionals are welcome to participate. Please email [email protected] with questions.