Khloe was diagnosed with complex partial seizure disorder when she was 16 months old. Although her doctors believe she had seizures as early as six months, given her EEGs. A year ago her diagnosis changed when her Neurology team found a rare genetic mutation that linked her seizures to Dravet syndrome. Dravet syndrome is a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy for which there is currently no cure. All seizures are resistant to medical therapy and the prognosis for Dravet is poor.  Research has recently discovered that Dravet is a spectrum disorder. Khloe’s family battles everyday to try to continue to keep her on the functioning end of the spectrum. Khloe’s average seizure numbers are anywhere from 2-7 a day. On the other end of the spectrum, a child with Dravet can have as many as 300 a day. Parents like Khloe’s, deal with sensory issues, physical, and cognitive disabilities along with the seizures.

Khloe’s mom reached out to her workplace and they allowed her to host a Dress-Down Day on June 24th that raised over $5,100! You can follow Khloe’s journey on Facebook at Teamkhlo