Epilepsy is one of the least understood of all neurological diseases, and yet it is the fourth most common. We know that one in 26 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy and that over 65M people worldwide suffer from epilepsy. One-third of those with epilepsy experience uncontrollable seizures because there is no currently available treatment that works for them. And, as the Dravet community knows all too well, epilepsy can be fatal. 

We each need to do our part to make a difference for our loved ones. Each November, many organizations and families join together to provide educational information on epilepsy – including prevention, treatment, research and resources. DSF encourages you to help us to put a spotlight on Dravet syndrome and epilepsy this November and join us in raising awareness. 

Ways you can help spread awareness this November:

  • Wear your DSF gear or any shade of purple to show your support.
  • Sign up for our Dash for Dravet on Turkey Day and share your fundraising page throughout the month to not only raise awareness, but also to raise research funds.