Adult Providers Transition Guide

Dravet Syndrome Transition Guide

Transition of care, or the process of moving from pediatric to adult health care providers, is one of the most challenging issues facing adults with Dravet syndrome and their families. DSF worked with our Medical Advisory Board to help address one of the issues that families with Dravet syndrome face during the transition process: adult providers that are not familiar with the medical needs of an individual with Dravet syndrome. This group of expert neurologists with extensive experience in the treatment of both children and adults with Dravet syndrome created a transition guide that details the aspects of Dravet syndrome that are most critical for an adult provider to understand. The transition guide covers:

  • the clinical manifestations of Dravet syndrome including seizure presentation and comorbidities,
  • common seizure triggers,
  • vaccination,
  • other considerations specific to adults with epilepsy and intellectual disability, and
  • information on the recommended treatment approaches for seizures and seizure emergencies, including contraindicated medications and specifics about medications that may need to be used differently in adults.

Read more about this guide in Dr. Veronica Hood’s recent blog post.  A PDF of the Guide to Transition Patients with Dravet Syndrome to Adult Care adapted by DSF can be downloaded here.

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