Meet Erin Reoyo, one of our inaugural West Coast Parent Ambassadors!

This #MemberMonday meet West Coast Parent Ambassador: Erin Reoyo!

Erin lives in Washington just north of Seattle with her husband, son, and daughter. Her son was diagnosed with an SCN1A-gene mutation and Dravet Syndrome (DS) in April 2016, shortly after his second birthday. She quickly got connected with and received online support from other DS families across the country. That summer, she attended the DSF Biennial Family and Professional Conference in Miami and hosted a local “Superheroes for a Super Kid” fundraiser. In 2018 she helped to plan and host our regional Day of Dravet conference in Seattle, WA and her amazing community connections made it an incredible experience for our families. In her third year as a Parent Ambassador, Erin has established herself as a source of support (and GIFs) in the DS community. Erin is a strong advocate and fundraiser for DS and never misses an opportunity to share resources that will benefit our families. We are so thankful to have her as a part of #teamDSF.

Erin received her B.S. in Education from New Mexico State University and her M.A. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Western Washington University. She is Speech-Language Pathologist who works part time at a local children’s therapy clinic after having spent nearly 12 years working as an SLP in a local school district. When not wearing purple and spreading awareness for DS and Epilepsy (let’s be honest, she is nearly always wearing purple), she is a baby(toddler)wearer, likes to (try to) read, and is trying her hand at maintaining a Bullet Journal. She and her family cheer for the Seattle Sounders and enjoy adventures around the Pacific Northwest.