Meet Midwest Parent Ambassador, Tina McDermott!

This #MemberMonday meet Midwest Parent Ambassador: Tina McDermott!

Tina and her husband Brad have six children. Their youngest, Ryan, was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome in 2012 at the age of six. Through fierce advocacy Tina was able to get Ryan the testing he needed to see the proper specialists, confirm his diagnosis, and remove him from contraindacated medications. Tina has attended many DSF events including Family and Professional Conferences where she had the honor to meet Dr. Dravet and hear professionals such as her son’s own neurologist speak. She has also participated in Iowa Seizure Smart Conferences and Day of Dravet Family Workshops. Tina has been a strong advocate for medical cannabis since 2013 and have been in the paper and on the news several times to advocate for cannabis and Dravet syndrome. Tina is familiar with many of the challenges our families face, such as participating in necessary clinical trials. She remembers how alone she felt before discovering the Dravet community and hopes to share her knowledge and passion with families in the Midwest region as we all work together to find better treatments for our loved ones.