Meet Midwest Region Parent Ambassadors, Kathy and Bob Dodd!

This #MemberMonday meet Midwest Parent Ambassadors, Kathy and Bob Dodd!

Bob and Kathy live in a suburb of Chicago with their 2 daughters, Cameron and Stacy. Stacy, now age 20, had her first seizure in January 1999 and was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome in August of 2006. Like so many families, Stacy has endured hundreds of seizures, too many trips to the emergency room, lots of failed epilepsy medicines and many other challenges due to her repeated seizures. Stacy’s determination and strength through all of this, has motivated them search for a cure for Dravet syndrome.

The Dodd family attended their first Dravet Conference in August 2006, when the Dravet Foundation at that time was referred to as the Idea League. Since then, they’ve attended many other conferences. However, they will never forget their first experience attending that Dravet Conference. They felt such comfort in meeting many families who were struggling with the same challenges, but also felt overwhelmed by the stories of every family and the difficulties they each endured.

Because they have lived this journey for over ten years, Kathy and Bob are excited to share our experiences with others. They understand this journey can be very lonely, isolating and overwhelming and they are here to help families in any way, even simply providing an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on.