Project Description

Ruby Eclipse Hanson

Beautiful Princess

Ruby Eclipse Hanson was born on January 7, 2007, a wonderful happy baby girl. She was a precious gift for her mother, father and brother. She was an easy-going, happy baby and her first seizure at four months old shattered our lives. Ruby was an amazing fighter and continued to be joyful and happy until she died December 24, 2014, only two weeks prior to her 8th birthday. She brought so much into our lives from the magic dragon egg (rock) that actually hatched into a dragon (a plastic one) that made her wide eyed to her peeing on the dog when it annoyed her. She loved Frozen and Dora. She left a mess everywhere she traveled. She loved to make blue cake. She loved us and we loved her deeply.

She was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome “late” at age 6, but fought it valiantly her whole life. It affected her in multiple ways, from her lungs, to her balance, to her muscle tone, but she never let it stop her. She will be missed and remembered. She brought color and light to life every day and always picked the flowers. I know she is running and jumping and dancing in heaven waiting for us to arrive.