Project Description

Nicholas’ Story

Nicholas Hunter Townsend was born on June 17th 2001. Scott and I felt very blessed to have such beautiful healthy boy. Day after thanksgiving while my husband and I were out Christmas shopping I looked down at my son in his stroller and to my surprise he was having a seizure. Nicholas was rushed to the nearest hospital by ambulance. The doctor and nurses worked on Nicholas for 30 minutes trying to get his seizure to stop. Nicholas’s seizures lasted 45 minutes. After days of testing he was sent home with a diagnosis of febrile seizures. The doctors assured us at this wouldn’t happen again. Jan. 22nd 2002 it happened again, another prolonged seizure that lasted 40 minutes.

Over the next four years Nicholas developed several new seizure types which were all misdiagnosed by several doctors. His results were treated with numerous medications, some of which made his seizures worse. It was after seeking out 3rd opinion at Children’s Hospital in Detroit that Nicholas was diagnosed with Dravet Sydrome by Dr. Chugani.

Nicholas is now 8 years old and a very happy loving child. His favorite things to do are taking pictures with his own camera, playing video games, doing puzzles and looking at books. He also loves to play sports. Nicholas enjoys playing basketball or catch in the back yard with his dad.

Nicholas is developmentally delayed and receives special services at school. We continue each day to work with him on personal interaction with others and keeping him safe. Nicholas’s challenges can be very tiring on some days but his spirit keeps us looking beyond his disability. We feel very blessed to have such a special child in our life. He has taught us to appreciate the small things in life.

Nicholas is blessed with three siblings. He enjoys wrestling with his older brother Gabe, picking on his younger sister Sophia and loving on his baby brother Brody.

We feel very passionate about helping our children live a better life. Every Dravet child you meet has the same golden smile and we feel we need to give them the golden life they deserve.