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Meghan’s Story

We were blessed to have Meghan in our lives for 12 years. Our sweet angel passed on Sunday, July 3, 2016, despite everyone’s best efforts at saving her. She will forever be in our hearts and souls. The day after, a beautiful white flower bloomed for the first time on a Plumeria tree we planted over a year ago. We knew it was her telling us she is safe in her Grandfathers’ arms above and that she is now looking over us in love and peace.

From the moment Meghan was born, she charmed everyone with her beautiful smile and sweet personality. Despite Meghan’s challenges with seizures and autism, she was always a very happy child. She taught herself to swim almost before she could walk and was forever after a child of the water. She loved swinging, playing with puzzles, finger painting on the patio, singing and riding in her Pedi Cab with Mom, Mimi or her cousins with Dad always leading the way at the helm. She loved flowers of all kinds and always stopped to smell them. She taught us so much during her short life.

We were both grateful and saddened to finally receive a diagnosis of Dravet Syndrome for her last year. After many years of not understanding how to treat her, it was a blessing to finally have some answers. However, the diagnosis of Dravet Syndrome was not a positive one. Although she was progressing well, the Lord chose to take her much earlier than we expected.

We will always be grateful to those who have watched over her with us for the past 12 years. The guidance, support and love we have received from family, friends and various organizations and hospitals has been beyond our expectations.

Meghan has a light that will never go out.