Project Description

Max’s Story

Max was born a healthy and happy boy in August 2004. He had his first seizure 10 hours after his 4 month immunizations and life as we knew it would never be the same again. He began to have frequent seizures of varying types, some lasting seconds, while others lasted an hour or more. After many ER visits and hospital stays, he was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome at 8 months old. Life has not been easy for Max. He continues to have daily struggles secondary to a significant developmental delay, which has affected not only his ability to speak, but also to function like a typical 8 year old boy. Max currently has a seizure every 2 weeks, for which he must be given medicine to make it stop, despite the fact that he takes 3 different types of anti-seizure medications daily and is on a special diet to help control the seizures. Despite his medical condition and struggles, Max is a loving and happy boy who enjoys playing on his iPad, swimming, cooking/baking, and being silly.