Project Description

Maddie Tischer

November 3, 2007 – June 3, 2010

On November 3, 2007 our baby girl Tischer was born. When she was born both Mom and Dad were so proud of size, weight and her perfect ten on her APGAR test. There was a lot of debate on her name but when Madeline Anne Tischer came up as an option, we knew that was it.

Maddie was a happy healthy little girl. Her eyes opened wider and her smile got brighter as the weeks turned to months and she took notice of her family and toys. Maddie loved her jump-a-roo as a baby. As a toddler each day included reading goodnight moon. Maddie’s Dad, Ryan, had a special rendition of Goodnight Moon, nobody but Daddy could read her that book. Her all time favorite was Mickey Mouse and the hot dog song at the end of the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Maddie had 3 best friends, our dogs Bailey and Frazier and Nellie. She loved to play with Frazier, and Bailey. They would play fetch, tug and of course chasing them him around the house. Anytime she could put a towel over their backs and watch them wriggle out from underneath we were guaranteed a laugh from her. Our neighbors dog Nellie, a lab, was Maddie’s pseudo-pony. She thought the world of Nellie and the feelings were mutual.

Maddie began having seizures at five months old. They were very long, up to an hour in duration but only came about once every month or two. At the age of 12 months, she was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. After her diagnosis, she went for almost six months with no seizure activity but in February of 2009 they started again. At first it was just once a month to six weeks, but as she grew so did the frequency. We tried different medications but the seizures were not well controlled. In May 2010 we had a meeting with a new neurologist in Chicago, and she told us that she looked great and once we had weaned her from the topamax she had some medication ideas. In the meeting the doctor made a comment on her still being right on track. Maddie was very resilient, rebounding after a seizure sometimes in minutes and a few times in a few hours. That was the case until May 30th 2010. She suffered from pneumonia and a three hour-long seizure, which ultimately lead to her death. She passed away on June 3rd.