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Jemima Simmons

jemima-150x150Jemima was born October 9th 2008, a little sister to Charlotte, who was almost 2. She settled at ease into family life, she smiled, cooed, slept and fed and was a remarkably content little baby.

Jemima had her first seizure at 6 months of age and was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome at 10 months. To be honest the seizures made very difference to how Jemima lived her life, Mima, Moo Moo, Noodle, Noo Noo to name some of her nicknames, approached every day with a beaming smile, she was a little mischief who made us laugh all the time, her feet always pattering along behind her big sister, desperate to join in all her games. She gave the most delicious, whole hearted cuddles and her favourite way to relax was to suck her thumb and play gently with someone’s hair, anyone who was in reach would do!

Two days before her second birthday, Jemima had a normal happy day and went to bed as usual, but this time she never woke up. She has left an empty space in our lives and in our hearts, we loved her enough for a lifetime and will miss that beaming smile forever.

jemima Jemima & Charlotte