Project Description

Grayden Steele Hickenbottom

graydenGrayden was a precious little boy full of energy and little man chuckles. He brightened any room he entered. He loved music, especially Twinkle, Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider and sang every night. He has also been known to dance in the streets of Clayton to Jazz music. He had a keen eye for things and was always spotting airplanes in the sky, even before his beloved parents Jamie and Brent. Even at 2 ½ years old he was already a devoted Illini fan. Grayden loved and adored his little brother Jayce and always enjoyed watching his shows with him. His favorites were Dora, Teenage “Engine” Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thomas the Tank Engine and, no doubt, Bob the Builder. He was fascinated by his favorite character “Lofty the Crane”, but also liked dump trucks, fire trucks, and tractors. He especially liked Grandpa’s tractors and wouldn’t settle for anything less than a ride on the Big One. Grayden was smart and knew all of his shapes and his favorite was the hexagon. He always participated in saying the mealtime “Thank you, Jesus” prayer and insisted on everyone clapping during the “Amen”. We pray that he’s smiling as he is embraced by the Lord, being lavished with love and peace for eternity.