Project Description

Ciara’s Story

On January 13, 2005 we were blessed by the birth of our daughter Ciara (Kee-ra), a beautiful, perfect baby born without any obvious health issues. Little did we know that at 5 ½ months, our world would change forever, marked by Ciara’s first grand mal seizure which lasted 25 minutes. Soon hundreds of myoclonic jerks per day, prolonged seizures and frequent ER visits became a routine part of her young life. Her diagnosis and battle with Dravet syndrome led to trying seven different types of seizure medication with no improvement. We then initiated the Ketogenic Diet which produced remarkable results. It is an understatement to say that the Diet saved Ciara’s life – it actually gave her life. The Diet controlled most of her seizures, but also gave her back the ability to walk and talk. Today, Ciara is a happy and enthusiastic first grader, despite the 3-4 seizures she experiences every week.