This Valentine’s Day, I want to recognize and applaud the amazing caregivers in our community. It may not seem like a traditional message for this holiday, but Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love. And let’s face it – what we do as caregivers, day in and day out, is a constant expression of love. It is a pure and unconditional love and a lifelong commitment.  

Caregiving is a journey that will test every part of you. There will be tireless hours of fighting for what is best for your child. It is typically a thankless job and most people don’t understand the dedication and time it takes to do the many things that will assure your child a better quality of life. But, I want you to know that there are those of us on parallel paths who see you. We know your sacrifices. We appreciate your grit and determination. We understand your fear and pain.

Each day, you give up a piece of yourself, most likely without even realizing it, to make life better for your child. You deserve some self-care. Treat yourself to something you enjoy today. Appreciate yourself and all that you do. Allow yourself to let go of fear and guilt for the day. Share a laugh. This Valentine’s Day, I hope you can recognize the immense love you give each day, and try to give some of that love back to yourself.