Global Access Program for FINTEPLA® (Fenfluramine) Oral Solution

Zogenix Launches Global Access Program for FINTEPLA® (Fenfluramine) Oral Solution

Zogenix is committed to providing access to and supporting the safe and appropriate use of FINTEPLA (fenfluramine) in countries where it is not yet approved. As an important first step, they have started the “Zogenix Access Program” and partnered with a company that specializes and has expertise in administering these types of programs to comply with the specific country regulations.

If a licensed health care provider determines FINTEPLA is an appropriate option for a patient, they can now contact [email protected] directly to find out more about obtaining the medication through the Zogenix Access Program. Importantly, due to country regulations governing these types of access programs, it must be the health care provider who contacts Zogenix, and it cannot be the patient/caregiver. Coverage for FINTEPLA will vary by country and insurance and there is no patient assistance for those who obtain FINTEPLA through the Zogenix Access Program at this time.

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