Video Education Session February 13, 2020

Dravet Syndrome Foundation is pleased to announce a new, live video education session! On Thursday, February 13, 2020 at 2pm ET, head to RareDiseaseLive to hear a dialogue between medical specialists and families facing Dravet syndrome. Panelists include:

  • Kelly G. Knupp, MD, MSCS
  • Dagmar Amtmann, PhD
  • Nicole Villas, MEd
  • Meghan Wilson, an expert-by-experience

Together the panelists will present to both families managing and clinicians treating Dravet syndrome, on topics including:

  • Differences between the stages of Dravet syndrome
  • Developmental and behavioral changes that can accompany Dravet syndrome
  • The impact of a diagnosis on the whole family, and supportive resources for caregivers

Speakers will field questions from the audience during the live session – send your questions in today.

Then, save a virtual seat to watch live or on-demand afterwards.

Are you a healthcare professional, or would you like to invite your doctor to this program? An accredited version of this program for professionals can be found on NeuroSeriesLive.