An exciting initiative by the Dravet Syndrome Foundation to share patient perspectives with the FDA on the unmeet needs of those living with Dravet syndrome.



Downloadable schedule available here

10:00 am ESTWelcome & Opening RemarksVeronica Hood, PhD
DSF Scientific Director
10:05 am ESTFDA Introduction to EL-PFDDMichelle Campbell, PhD
Senior Clinical Analyst for Stakeholder Engagement, ON, OND, CDER, FDA
10:15 am ESTScientific Overview & Medical ReviewJoseph Sullivan, MD
Pediatric Epilepsy Center, UCSF
10:25 am ESTDiscussion Format OverviewJames Valentine, JD, MHS
Meeting Moderator
10:30 am ESTDemographic Polling
10:35 am ESTIntroduction to Session 1:
Symptoms & Daily Impacts
Patient Testimonials
11:00 am ESTModerated audience discussion and polling
12:30 pm ESTBreak
1:00 pm ESTIntroduction to Session 2:
Current & Future Treatments
Patient Testimonials (Session 2)
1:25 pm ESTModerated audience discussion and polling
2:45 pm ESTMeeting summary
3:00 pm ESTEnd meeting

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