ENVISION Observational Study

The ENVISION Study is an observational study of children aged 6 to 60 months with SCN1A-positive Dravet syndrome. Conducted by Encoded Therapeutics, ENVISION is designed to better understand the seizure, neurodevelopmental, motor and behavioral characteristics of Dravet Syndrome over a period of 2 years using standardized assessments. The ENVISION study will also explore the impact of Dravet syndrome on parents/caregivers over the same period. This study will be conducted at study centers in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom and visits to the clinic for this study will occur every 6 months over the 2-year participation period.

ENVISION is a non-interventional study, which means that no treatments or investigational medications will be provided. Patients will receive their usual medical care and will be monitored in the study at regular intervals. The information collected in ENVISION may advance the understanding of Dravet syndrome and potentially support development of novel therapies.

More information about the ENVISION study, including a list of participating centers, can be found HERE at ClinicalTrials.gov. If you locate a participating site that you are interested in, you or your physician may contact that site directly for more information.