Virtual Meet-Ups

We held our first Virtual Meet-Ups these past 2 weeks. We thank you for your feedback and we heard you LOUD & CLEAR! The community LOVED meeting up face-to-face with one another to chat about what was on our minds, meet new people and even say hello to some of the kids that popped in from time to time!

DSF Virtual Meet-Ups are interactive discussions rather than a presentation. They are a great way to spend some time with other Dravet parents from the safety of your own home. They are designed to be informal sessions to allow our families the opportunity for a a more personal space to socialize, chat, trade ideas, and share advice. They are judgement-free spaces where you can be yourself and talk about issues that are affecting you and your family.

Meet-ups will be hosted for 1 hour by a DSF moderator on Zoom with a maximum of 15 participants per session. These will be offered to our U.S. families every month:

1st Monday at 12pm – Coffee Chat

3rd Wednesday at 6pm – Happy Hour

*For the safety of our community, you must register for the session & be a member of the DSF Family Network
*These will NOT be recorded

Supporting each other in times like these is critical. We’re in this together and we’re here to support you! If you have any questions or suggestions for additional groups, please email Jenny.

Register Below

Register Below

Monday 5/4/20 – 12pm ET
Wednesday 5/20/20 – 6pm ET
Monday 6/1/20 – 12pm ET
Wednesday 6/17/20 – 6pm ET
Monday 7/6/20 – 12pm ET
Wednesday 7/15/20 – 6pm ET
Monday 8/3/20 – 12pm ET
Wednesday 8/19/20 – 6pm ET
Monday 9/7/20 – 12pm ET
Wednesday 9/16/20 – 6pm ET
Monday 10/5/20 – 12pm ET
Wednesday 10/21/20 – 6pm ET
Monday 11/2/20 – 12pm ET
Wednesday 11/18/20 – 6pm ET
Monday 12/7/20 – 12pm ET
Wednesday 12/16/20 – 6pm ET