DSF Parent Ambassador Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Parent Ambassador for the DSF Family Network! 

As a Parent Ambassador your role is integral to the growth and development of our family support programs. In this role, many times you are the first fellow Dravet parent a newly diagnosed family speaks to, and that first connection can be monumental in our journeys with Dravet syndrome.

The DSF Family Network is a program for parents and families in the U.S. aimed at providing more localized support and resources for families across five regions. Our resources include online regional support groups, in person gatherings such as our Day of Dravet workshops, and casual family gatherings. All of this is made possible with support from our team of volunteer Parent Ambassadors. This is a volunteer position and is not compensated. Travel and meal expenses are reimbursed for out of state events required in your role as an ambassador when approved by the FACE Director. 

We encourage anyone interested in this role to apply. Additionally, we are seeking Parent Ambassadors for these specific subsets of the community:

  • Fathers and male caregivers of patients with Dravet
  • Parents and caregivers of adults with Dravet
  • Bilingual parents 
  • Parents in the following states: Utah, Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York

To become a DSF Family Network Parent Ambassador, you must:

  • Be a parent or primary caregiver (guardian) for a child with Dravet syndrome or SCN1A related epilepsy
  • Be an active member of the DSF Family Network
  • Commit to a two year volunteer term (current applications are for the 2020-2021 term)
  • Be willing and able to attend your regional Day of Dravet Workshop, DSF’s Biennial Family & Professional Conference, and other commitments as needed.

All Parent Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Assist with the planning and execution of the Day of Dravet events in your region
  • Help to moderate and respond to questions in Facebook regional support groups
  • Support parents and caregivers in your region by helping to connect them with other families and appropriate resources
  • Participate in quarterly one-hour conference calls to discuss the progress of the program and upcoming events
  • Serve on a planning committee and/or volunteer for the biennial DSF Family & Professional Conference

Additional opportunities to get involved in the program include but are not limited to:

  • Participation in the creation, maintenance, and/or execution of additional resources to support families in your region such as virtual support groups, regional calendars, family gatherings, and DSF sponsored events
  • Supporting fundraising events in your region
  • Connecting with like-minded organizations in your region to streamline resources for families and promote awareness of Dravet syndrome and the advocacy programs of DSF

If you are interested in applying please submit the form below. Applications will be accepted through Feb 14, 2020.

If you have any further questions about the Parent Ambassador program please contact Wendy Fry, Director of Family and Caregiver Engagement wendy@dravetfoundation.org.  

DSF does not accept any volunteer that has been convicted of a violent crime, or one that involves children or is sexual in nature, or involves fraud or significant theft. In addition, volunteers or any volunteer applicants charged with DUI within the last 10 years are expected to disclose this information to the Volunteer Manager. Such volunteers may be prohibited from serving as a volunteer for DSF. If occurrence happens during the volunteer’s tenure he or she may be asked to take a leave of absence. The DSF reserves the right to dismiss any volunteer whose actions do not reflect the Foundation’s needs, mission or values.