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DSF is pleased to announce that our 2018 conference
will take place on July 19-22, 2018, in collaboration with
Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora, Colorado.

Conference will include family and professional sessions,
DSF Super Sibling camp, and family events.

Conference agenda and speakers to be announced.
Conference registration will open in January 2018.

Special thanks to Dr. Kelly Knupp for her assistance in planning this meeting.

2016 DSF Conference & Presentations

Dravet Syndrome Foundation presented its 2nd Biennial Family and Professional Conference in collaboration with and sponsored in part by Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in June of 2016 in Coral Gables, Florida. The following conference speakers have given us permission to share their presentations from our 2016 event.

The following Conference Speakers have given us permission to share their presentations from our 2016 event.

Conference Day Presenter Topic Video Powerpoint
Thursday 6/23/16 Miller, Ian MD Dravet Syndrome 101 n/a pdf-icon
Friday 6/24/16 Laux, Linda MD Intro to Dravet Syndrome video-icon n/a
Friday 6/24/16 Knupp, Kelly MD Co-morbidities in DS video-icon pdf-icon
Friday 6/24/16 Miller, Ian MD Second-Line Treatments in DS video-icon n/a
Friday 6/24/16 Tuchman, Roberto MD, FAAP, FAAN Recognition/Intervention of Autism in DS video-icon pdf-icon
Friday 6/24/16 Villas, Nicole M.Ed. Genetics and DS (For Parents) video-icon pdf-icon
Friday 6/24/16 Hook, Dena Educational Advocacy video-icon pdf-icon
Friday 6/24/16 Duchowny, Michael MD, FAAN, FAAP, FAACN Epilepsy Surgery in DS video-icon pdf-icon
Friday 6/24/16 Ott, Sabrina Seizure Response Dogs video-icon pdf-icon
Friday 6/24/16 Sullivan, Joseph MD Incidence of DS in US video-icon pdf-icon
Friday 6/24/16 Segal, Eric MD Neuromodulation in DS video-icon pdf-icon
Friday 6/24/16 Korman, Brandon Psy D, ABPP-CN Neuropsych Evaluation in DS video-icon n/a
Friday 6/24/16 Dean, Patricia ARNP Preparing for your Appointment video-icon n/a
Friday 6/24/16 Hammer, Michael PhD Next-Gen Sequencing/ Genetic Modifiers video-icon pdf-icon
Friday 6/24/16 Naqvi, Sayed MD Emergency Action Plan in DS video-icon pdf-icon
Friday 6/24/16 Korman, Brandon Psy D, ABPP-CN Behavior in Children with DS video-icon n/a
Friday 6/24/16 Gennaro, Maria del Pilar ARNP, CNRN Ketogenic Diet Overview video-icon n/a
Friday 6/24/16 Falcon, Lourdes MD Puberty and DS – Girls video-icon pdf-icon
Friday 6/24/16 Schleifer, Paula P. MD Sleep Issues in DS video-icon n/a
Friday 6/24/16 Visona, Cristina MS, RD, LD/N, CSP Creative Meal Planning in the Keto Diet video-icon pdf-icon
Friday 6/24/16 Hyslop, Ann MD Status Epilepticus video-icon n/a
Saturday 6/25/16 Welborn, Michelle Pharm D Intro to Pharmacology video-icon pdf-icon
Saturday 6/25/16 Poduri, Ann MD, MPH What Warrants Further Testing? video-icon pdf-icon
Saturday 6/25/16 Kanter, Ronald MD SUDEP and DS video-icon pdf-icon
Saturday 6/25/16 Parent, Jack MD Stem Cells in Ion Channel Epilepsies video-icon n/a
Saturday 6/25/16 Isom, Lori PhD iPSC’s, Biomarkers, and SUDEP Risk video-icon n/a
Saturday 6/25/16 Scheffer, Ingrid FAA, FAHMS Gait in DS video-icon n/a
Saturday 6/25/16 Koh, Sooky MD, PhD Brain Inflammation in Childhood Epilepsy video-icon n/a
Saturday 6/25/16 Wirrell, Elaine MD North American Consensus on Diagnosis/Treatment video-icon pdf-icon
Saturday 6/25/16 Devinsky, Orrin MD CBD, Ataluren, and SUDEP video-icon pdf-icon