Welcome to the DSF Family Network

Welcome to the DSF Family Network. Dravet may have recently entered your life or you may have been on this journey with your loved one for years. No matter where you fall, we’re here for you. Let’s connect.

The DSF Family Network is open to any parent/legal guardian or sibling that is interested in accessing our advocacy services and programs. Sign up below to be a part of this family community and to stay up to date on new advocacy resources, clinical trials, and educational and fundraising events.  

Other community members who are interested in learning more about Dravet syndrome, supporting our community of families, and staying up to date on events and research are encouraged to sign up for our mailing list.

**Please note many of our programs are currently only available for families in the U.S. We invite you to check this list to see if there is a Dravet syndrome organization in your country who may offer additional resources.

The information collected by Dravet Syndrome Foundation will not be sold or distributed outside of DSF and is used solely to verify the identity of and communicate with Family Network members as needed. The DSF Family Network is open to any parent, caregiver, sibling or extended family member who is interested in learning more about Dravet syndrome and supporting our community of families. Membership in the DSF moderated Parent and Caregiver Facebook support group is limited to parents and primary caregivers who are making medical decisions for their loved one with Dravet syndrome and are enrolled in the Family Network. Membership is contingent upon following the Group Rules as explained on the group’s page and agreement to our Social Media Terms of Use. Questions or concerns can be directed to our team