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DSF Family Network & Facebook Support Groups

Welcome to our support community! DSF hosts a private support group for parents around the world. If you would like to connect with other families, this is a great place to ask questions about living with Dravet syndrome. DSF also recently started a DSF Family Network that includes Regional Support Groups and Ambassadors. (US only)

To join, please fill out the form below with your child’s information. Once you complete the form, please send one of our Admin’s a friend request so we can add you to the group.

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Are you a friend or family member that would like to keep to date on Dravet news and events in your area? You can sign up below for our DSF newsletters. Please contact us with any questions: nichelle@dravetfoundation.org / jenny@dravetfoundation.org

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**Once you complete the form, if you are a parent or caregiver please click here to send one of our group admins a friend request on Facebook so we can add you to the groups. Thanks!