With our conference in a virtual format this year, we wanted to find a creative way to see and chat with one another until we can meet again in person next year. We will be hosting our Dravet Discussion Lounges from 7-9pm ET on Friday, June 25th and Saturday, June 26th, for all registered conference participants. We hope you will join us for these virtual happy hours to connect with other members of the DSF community.

Any worthwhile happy hour wouldn’t be complete without good food and drinks. DSF Board President, Kate Hintz, put together a list of purple cocktails and mocktails. Check out the recipes below and find your favorite!

We encourage you to make a purple drink or two, grab a snack, and find a comfy spot in your house where you can tune in and join us. If you aren’t registered yet for the conference, there is still time! Just visit our website at www.dsfconference.org. Registration will remain open until Wednesday, June 23rd.