Our Super Siblings Sessions will take place each Saturday in October from at 12:00pm-1:30pm ET.

While parents and caregivers are attending the Day of Dravet sessions, Laurie Bailey from Zogenix will host our Super Sibling sessions to bring our amazing siblings together to connect and of course, have lots of fun! Siblings will have the opportunity to engage with each other and will also learn some awesome new dance moves from our friend Mark Wong aka “Metal.” He has created a special choreography just for our super siblings that he’ll teach live. The siblings will learn a new dance routine, broken down into 5 easy lessons during each Saturday session. And don’t worry if sibs miss a session, we’ll review what we’ve learned during each session so everyone will have the opportunity to join in the fun. All ages welcome, no previous dance experience required!

You may recognize Metal from one of the dance videos he created for our events such as the DSF Party in Your PJs. He uses positive messaging throughout his teaching method so kids feel energized, capable and important! Co-owner of Hip Hop Fundamentals (HHF), Metal is a Haverford English major who started a campus breakdancing club while attending college and now uses hip hop and breakdancing as a teaching tool in Philadelphia and New Jersey schools. According to Metal, FUN is the main ingredient!

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