Below you’ll find resources from past Day of Dravet Workshops.

2020 Presentations

M. Scott Perry, MD
Cook Children’s Medical Center
Introduction to Dravet Syndrome

Douglas M. Smith, MD
Minnesota Epilepsy Group
Genetics in Dravet Syndrome

Elaine Wirrell, MD
Mayo Clinic
New Treatments for Dravet Syndrome

Veronica Hood, PhD
Dravet Syndrome Foundation
New Research in Dravet Syndrome

Jamie Zuckerman, PsyD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Caregiver Stress in the time of COVID

Orrin Devinsky, MD
NYU Langone
Sleep, Cognition, & Non-seizure Disorders in Dravet

2019 Presentations

2019 Event Photos
All locations

Eric BJ Ségal, MD
Hackensack, NJ
Dravet Treatments and SUDEP

Patty McGoldrick, NP
Hackensack, NJ
Transition to Adulthood

Deborah Holder, MD
Los Angeles, CA
Dravet Syndrome Overview and SUDEP

Elizabeth Apollo, MEd
Hackensack, NJ
Practical Application of Behavior Management

Syndi Seinfeld, DO
Richmond, VA
Dravet Syndrome Overview and Available Treatments

Lawrence D Morton, MD
Los Angeles, CA
Research and Transition to Adulthood

Wendy Fry, FACE Director
All Locations
Dravet Syndrome Foundation – 10 Years of Progress

Fabio Nascimento, MD
Houston, TX
Dravet in Adults

Ariel Sherbany, MD, PhD
Hackensack, NJ
Dravet Syndrome Background

Hélio Pedro, MD
Hackensack, NJ
Genetics of Dravet Syndrome

Louis Dang, MD, PhD
Ann Arbor, MI
Dravet Syndrome Research Updates

Aimee Luat, MD
Ann Arbor, MI
Dravet Syndrome: Overview

Rachel H Fein, PhD, BCBA
Houston, TX
Behavioral Strategies for working with Individuals with Dravet Syndrome

Alicia M Goldman, MD, PhD
Houston, TX
SUDEP: Pathways, Biomarkers, and Opportunities for Therapeutic Interventions

Wendy Fry, FACE Director
All locations
Creating a Caregiver Action Plan

Nicole Villas, Board President
Mary Anne Meskis, Executive Director
All locations
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Discussion

Raman Sankar, MD, PhD, FAAN, FAES
Los Angeles, CA
Emerging Treatments for Dravet Syndrome

Jason T Lerner, MD
Los Angeles, CA
6 Questions About Transitions in Dravet Syndrome

2018 Presentations

DSF Staff and Parent Ambassadors
All Locations
Learn about DSF history, programming, accomplishments, and goals

Annapurna Poduri, MD, MPH
Boston, MA
Learn about current research in Dravet syndrome

Scott Perry, MD
Fort Worth, TX
Treatment of Dravet Syndrome: Old Standbys and Emerging Therapies

Michelle Welborn, PhD
Chicago, IL
Obtaining Newly FDA Approved Drugs for Dravet Syndrome

Laurie Bailey & Carla Schad, MD
All Locations
Impact of Severe Childhood Epilepsy on Siblings

Russell P. Saneto, DO, PhD
Seattle, WA
Dravet Syndrome: “Thoughts in the night”

Robert Flamini, MD
Atlanta, GA
Dravet Syndrome Overview

Marcio Sotero De Menezes, MD
Seattle, WA
New Advances in the Treatment of Dravet

Brad and Karen Thompson
Fort Worth, TX
Maintaining Relationships while Caring for a Child with Special Needs

Nicole Villas
Mary Anne Meskis
Michelle Welborn, PhD
All Locations
Newly approved Drugs in Dravet Syndrome

Amanda Stansfield
Seattle, WA
Health and Wellness for the Caregiver

Mary Anne Meskis
Nicole Villas
All Locations
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research