Save the Date!

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2019 Day of Dravet DSF's Day of Dravet Workshops are a time for patients and their families to come together to learn about research and treatment options, connect with one another, and be a part of a DSF's shared vision for a better outcome for those affected by Dravet syndrome. Participants come away [...]

Dravet Dialogues

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New Initiative: Dravet Dialogues DSF is excited to launch Dravet Dialogues, a live, interactive, virtual series of support group meetings taking place March-May 2019. These sessions give parents a chance to connect with community experts on a variety of topics while interacting in real-time with fellow parents and caregivers. We hope that through these [...]

Family Support

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New Support Group: Caregivers of Adults (17+) DSF is excited to launch a support group specifically for the caregivers of adults (17+) with Dravet syndrome. We understand that the needs of this community are unique and we hope this space will provide a safe-haven for parents and caregivers to connect, share stories, and [...]