Caregiver Connect Grants

Dravet Syndrome Foundation (DSF) has long recognized the many needs within our community, particularly the burden of caregivers. It is a lot of work, mentally and physically. Our caregiver community frequently talks about feelings of isolation, depression about the diagnosis, and anxiety over what their child’s future looks like. On top of that they are overworked and exhausted in managing their child’s medical, educational, and emotional needs. They are left with little or no down time when they can relax, rest, or have fun.

To address this burden, DSF offers Connect Grants. These grants are available from $100-$300 and can partially or fully fund a local Dravet family gathering or an ongoing Dravet support group in your area. For example, you can plan an event for families, a monthly coffee meet-up for moms, or a dinner for dads. The goal of these grants is to allow our community members to connect and receive support from one another. To apply for this grant, you must be a member of the DSF Family Network and live in the U.S. Find out more information and register here.

This program is part of our Caregiver Connect Program and is fully funded through a generous educational grant from Greenwich Biosciences.