In the U.S., Dravet Syndrome Awareness Month takes place each June, and International Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day is observed on June 23rd.

By raising awareness of Dravet syndrome, our community can increase knowledge in the general public, improve early diagnosis, assure that families have the information they need to manage their loved one’s care, and reduce the feelings of isolation faced by patients and their families.

Each year, DSF offers multiple ways to help raise awareness that will lead to a better understanding of Dravet syndrome. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and check back on this page to see how you can get involved!

Past Awareness Month Initiatives

Family Stories

Throughout June, we feature guest blogs by parents sharing their family’s journey with Dravet syndrome.

PCOR Webinar

View an interactive webinar to learn about the importance of the patient voice in research.

Live Sessions

Interactive education and awareness sessions leading up to Dravet Awareness Day on June 23, on topics that are important to the Dravet syndrome community

Social Media

June media posts feature Dravet warriors and their perserverance and strength.

Facebook Frames

Add a DSF Facebook Frame to your profile picture to help raise awareness.