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Dr. David Fry is a retired researcher. His 4 year old granddaughter, Penny, has Dravet syndrome. He reviews and summarizes research articles, making the content more accessible to those not involved in the scientific community.

Efficacy and tolerability of perampanel in pediatric patients with Dravet syndrome.

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This is a survey of the efficacy of perampanel as an add-on therapy in children with Dravet syndrome. Perampanel (a.k.a. Fycompa) was first approved in 2012, and last year its use was extended to pediatric patients. The authors were able to gather data on 10 Dravet patients - their average age was 11.5 years, [...]

Mitochondrial regulation of the hippocampal firing rate set point and seizure susceptibility.

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When the human genome was sequenced in 2000, it was hoped it would simplify the search for medicines - just compare the genome of someone with a disease to the healthy standard, identify the mutated gene, and develop a drug targeting that gene product.  It turned out disease states were much more complicated, usually [...]

Time of Day and a ketogenic diet Influence Susceptibility to SUDEP in Scn1aR1407X/+ Mice

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This article brought forth some interesting observations.  First, a major caveat - this study was done in mice.  Mice with a relevant mutation in the Scn1a gene have proven to be a useful model of Dravet, but one must never directly extrapolate any results to humans.  Dividing the day into three 8-hour periods, it [...]

Long-term safety and efficacy of cannabidiol in children and adults with treatment resistant Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome: Expanded access program results

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A number of publications have appeared recently reporting on the efficacy and safety of cannabidiol (CBD) as an add-on therapy, as its clinical trials are concluding and its use is extending.  This paper describes an "expanded access" program - that is, when the FDA allows access to a drug before approval.  This is of [...]