Aaron Family Raises Over $16,000

Jeff Aaron and his wife, Karina (a Sergeant and a Detective for the Chicago Police Department) are one tough team. They have stepped up to the plate to raise funds and awareness for the Dravet Syndrome Foundation in honor of their son, Jackson, who is now 5 years old.

It all began with Jackson’s Song, written and recorded by Nashville Artist Sami Lin for, and about, Jackson and his day-to-day struggles with Dravet syndrome. Since recording the song, Jackson’s Song has now come to symbolize Jackson’s journey and the Aaron Family’s battle to beat this terrible disease. If you haven’t listened to the song, it’s beautiful. The underlying meaning will truly touch every family within our community. A video is in the final stages of being completed – keep an eye out for it!

Next up for this tough team: the Ironman Triathalon! On September 7th, Jeff Aaron participated in his 6th Ironman in Wisconsin. To quote one of Jeff’s friends, he battled 4 ft. swells on the swim, blistering headwinds on the bike, and a hard pouring thunderstorm in low 30 degrees temps to run with the DSF flag over the finish line! His motivation…It’s about Jackson and it’s about Dravet and it’s about something bigger than myself.

Jeff and Karina have raised almost $16,000 spreading awareness for the Dravet Syndrome Foundation since this Spring. We are amazed at their dedication and their determination to educate others. Thank you Aaron Family!

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