Dravet Syndrome Foundation in collaboration with Encoded Therapeutics is offering an educational series for healthcare professionals, on AAV-Mediated Gene Therapy for Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathies.

Several years ago, gene therapy still seemed a distant possibility for Dravet syndrome and other developmental and epileptic encephalopathies (DEEs). Over time, advances to our basic understanding of genetics and technology have allowed researchers and clinicians to develop new approaches to gene-based interventions. Now there are several of these approaches in various stages of preclinical research and clinical development for the potential treatment of Dravet syndrome.

This three-part educational webinar series provides background information on one such approach, AAV-mediated gene therapy. Throughout this series, Dr. Michael Lawlor and Dr. Sarah Weckhuysen take us through the basic concepts of gene therapy and AAV-mediated gene therapy (webinar 1), considerations for moving AAV-mediated gene therapy from preclinical research into clinical development programs (webinar 2), and the potential application of gene therapy to address the underlying genetic cause the of DEEs (webinar 3). Individual webinars consist of an approximately 45-minute presentation.

From November 8-22, each Monday a new video in the series will be released on the DSF website. Questions can be submitted using the intake form below by December 15, 2021. A response document is planned to be posted on the webpage by March 2022. Bookmark the page and come back each Monday for a new webinar.