DSF is built on the foundation of offering support and hope for patients and families living with Dravet syndrome.

We have worked hard to engage our community stakeholders – including patient families, clinicians, researchers, and industry partners – to help move the needle forward for more treatment options and better clinical care for affected individuals. Through our valuable programs and services, we are improving the quality of life for our community.

We are proud that you trust in us to do our best to serve the Dravet syndrome community, and we rely on your support to help us fulfill our mission. This holiday season you can help to shape the future of those living with Dravet syndrome by investing in DSF. Please consider a gift in an amount meaningful to you before December 31, 2021 and help us meet our goal of raising $150,000. Your generosity will enable us to continue improving the lives of those impacted by Dravet syndrome through our innovative programming.

Our 2021 DSF initiatives have included:

  • Over $5.4M in research grant awards through 2021
  • Over $196K in patient grant awards through 2021
  • 12th annual DSF Research Roundtable
  • Establishment of an Endowment Fund to assure the stability of the organization
  • Support for an International Treatment Consensus project
  • Planning for our externally-led Patient Focused Drug Development Meeting in 2022
  • Development and distribution of our Newly Diagnosed Patient Kit
  • Listen + Learn—an educational video series for professionals
  • Our 2021 virtual conference and Day of Dravet workshops
  • The formation of the Seizure Action Plan Coalition (seizureactionplans.org)

Thank you for believing in us, and for your compassion and support for our families who urgently need our help and hope for the future. Wishing you and your family health and safety in 2022 and beyond. www.dsfannualcampaign.org