We are just a few days away from June 1st, which is the start of Dravet Syndrome Awareness Month. We also celebrate international Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day on June 23rd. This year, we hope you will join DSF in spreading one simple message: CURE DRAVET! There are multiple ways you can help to spread the word about Dravet syndrome and the need for research and a cure. Please find what works for you and join us in whatever capacity you can.

#CUREDRAVET – If you recently ordered one of our Cure Dravet t-shirts or already have other branded DSF t-shirts or merchandise, we encourage you to take and share photos with us on social media. Make sure to tag DSF and add the hashtag #CUREDRAVET to your post. Throughout the month, we will be sharing photos of our community members spreading awareness and showing their support of DSF and the Dravet community.

NEW DSF MERCHANDISE – We have recently launched a series of new DSF merchandise, including our #CUREDRAVET merchandise for kids. You can see the whole line, including apparel and more, at www.dsfmerchandise.org. Proceeds of product sales from our online store benefit DSF and help us to spread awareness.

SOCIAL MEDIA SHARES Each day in June, DSF will be sharing posts about Dravet syndrome on our social media channels. Make sure to like and share these posts to help raise awareness and understanding of this disease. If you don’t already, make sure to follow DSF on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

START YOUR OWN CONVERSATION – Consider telling your family’s story about living with Dravet syndrome on social media or share it with a local media source. Knowledge is power and we want more people to know about Dravet syndrome and get involved with our mission and the work we do. If you would like to add your child’s story to the DSF website, you can submit it at this link.

VIRTUAL FUNDRAISERS – While it feels that many parts of our lives have come to a standstill during the COVID-19 pandemic the needs of the Dravet syndrome community are still here. Even in the deep uncertainty of these times, we have supporters who are in a position to make a charitable gift and have told us they want to find a way to help. Consider registering and fundraising for our upcoming virtual event Party in Your PJs for Dravet, or set up a virtual fundraiser on Facebook. Contact Misty with any questions on how to start.

DSF is made up of a driven and tireless group of families, medical professionals, researchers and supporters. It is because of this amazing community that we can continue to support research, raise awareness, and advocate on behalf of the Dravet syndrome community. Thank you for continuing to be a part of all that DSF does!