A Year of Thanks

We have put our heads together to confront the many problems faced by the Dravet syndrome community and together we have done so much. You’ve stood with us along the way. These changes have happened through the unity and support of our community and because of YOU.

You Bashed. You Danced. You Doubled Down.

You walked in 7 cities.

You ran in Chicago, North Carolina, Dallas and West Virginia.

You trotted all across the U.S.

You gave up your cup.

You dined and donated.

You hopped to a cure.

You held lemonade stands and happy hours.

You celebrated birthdays.

You remembered loved ones.

You sang. You paddled. You brawled.

You raised the barre.

Thank you for making DSF a priority in your giving this year and for the role you play in our success.  Every gift, no matter how large or small, makes a difference for our community and sends a message of hope to those living with Dravet syndrome.