By hosting a private fundraising event to benefit DSF you can raise funds for research, while also increasing the public’s awareness of Dravet syndrome and associated epilepsies. There are countless events that you can host from a dinner party, to a golf tournament, to donating proceeds from product sales.

Steps to Organizing a Successful Event

  1. Decide what type of event you will host. Choose a theme, location, food & beverage, and auction items/prizes.
  2. Review the DSF Special Events booklet. Complete the event proposal form and return it for approval to our office for approval a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event.
  3. Form a committee of family, friends and colleagues and begin planning your event.
  4. Establish a fundraising goal, prepare a budget, and identify sponsors and other potential sources of income.
  5. Develop a timeline to make sure important tasks are completed on schedule.
  6. Promote the event with invitations and/or emails. Ask friends to help by telling their circle of family and friends about the event.
  7. Have fun! Hold your event and raise awareness about Dravet syndrome and Dravet Syndrome Foundation for which you are raising money.
  8. Congratulate yourself and your committee on a successful event! Make sure to thank your sponsors, donors and event participants.
  9. Organize a follow-up meeting with your committee to discuss and evaluate your event, then start planning for next year!


Download Event Guidelines & Application


Can DSF provide me with letters and receipts for my supporters?

Yes. However, please note that we are unable to provide tax receipts for any gifts or contributions that are not received or made payable directly to Dravet Syndrome Foundation.


Can I use the Dravet Syndrome Foundation name and logo to promote my event?

Of course! Prior to use, please be sure to submit for approval all materials on which you would like the DSF name and logo to appear. Also, DSF must approve all invitation copy, advertisements and printed materials related to the event before printing and distribution.


Can DSF help promote my event?

As soon as your event has been approved, we are happy to help promote it on our web site, newsletter & social media outlets.


Can DSF provide me with a list of supporters?

We cannot provide mailing lists of our donors, staff, professionals, or vendors as it is our policy to keep records confidential.


Can DSF solicit corporate sponsorship for my event?

We cannot solicit corporate sponsors for your event. However, we are happy to review your list of potential corporate sponsors before you solicit them for sponsorships, contributions, or in-kind gifts.


Who will help run my event?

DSF will be able to provide guidance. However, due to staff and time constraints, we are unable to manage your event for you. We recommend that you form a committee of friends, family and others who are excited about your cause. They will play an important role in providing support during your event and throughout the planning.


Can I have a raffle at my event?

Raffles and auctions are a great way to raise money. Each state has its own regulations governing raffles and gaming events carried out for charitable purposes. Please contact the Attorney General in your state for more details.


What should I do with the money from my event after I have collected it?

Within 30 days following the event, please deliver all net proceeds, made payable to:

Dravet Syndrome Foundation

11 Nancy Drive

Monroe, CT 06468

Whom can I contact if I have more questions?

If you have further questions or need assistance, please e-mail Mary Anne



Liability Information

Dravet Syndrome Foundation is not financially or otherwise liable for the promotion and/or staging of fund-raising events by any third-party organization/individual. The sponsoring organization/individual may not incur any financial or other obligations on behalf of Dravet Syndrome Foundation. Dravet Syndrome Foundation will provide certificates of insurance as required by local, state and federal laws, for events which meet our Fundraising Guidelines and have been approved by DSF. Dravet Syndrome Foundation cannot be held responsible in any way for casualties and/or situations that occur at your fundraising event or promotion.