IN HONOR OF SAWYER – Merion Station, PA

Originally in an effort to minimize more “stuff” in the way of presents coming into our house for our daughters, Rose and Maggie’s birthdays (they share a birthday – May 19!) we thought of asking guests to use any money they would have so graciously spent, in a charitable way instead.  Rose absolutely adores her friend and classmate Sawyer. Through Sawyer’s family we have learned about Dravet Syndrome and the challenges faced by Sawyer, his family and families like his every day. We have learned how important it is to raise awareness about Dravet Syndrome and how much it means to those families to continue to fight every day. We thought there would be no better way to celebrate our girls’ birthdays and honor Sawyer and his family than by suggesting to our birthday guests and friends and family, donations to the Dravet Syndrome Foundation. We have been overwhelmed by the support and are delighted to help Sawyer and the Dravet Syndrome Foundation. We have had this unique opportunity to impart on our daughters (though they are still very young) a sense of love, community and giving. Several parents have thanked us for this opportunity to have discussions with their children about the same values. Rose and Maggie’s birthday party was wonderful! Sawyer and Rose had a blast playing together! Everyone was thrilled to contribute to such a great cause and to have some fun!             –Jill, Mom of Rose & Maggie


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